Gastric Sleeve vs Liposuction

This section will compare two types of weight loss surgery, the gastric sleeve vs liposuction. To choose the procedure that is best suited to you, you should know more about all of your alternatives.

The main point of liposuction is to remove existing fat from the body, which means that it is more focused on shaping the body.  The gastric sleeve on the other hand, reduces the size of the stomach limiting your food intake, which means it is aimed at solving the source of the excess weight.

If you are not obese and just have stubborn fat, then liposuction may be the right choice for you, but if you are battling obesity, then the gastric sleeve would be the better choice.  An obese person can undergo liposuction, but with no lifestyle change, and no change to the diet, the fat will return. Liposuction is very different from a Gastric Sleeve, therefore, you should review the differences and compare gastric sleeve vs liposuction.

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Gastric Sleeve vs Liposuction: About the Gastric Sleeve

As you’ve read in other areas of this site, the gastric sleeve is a restrictive method that works by reducing the size of the stomach. About 80% of your stomach is removed, and the remaining stomach is shaped like a sleeve or a tube. This reduces the amount of food you can eat, thus reducing your weight over a period of 12 – 24 months.

This is a permanent reduction in the food intake because once that piece of your stomach has been removed it cannot be put back into place.

Gastric Sleeve vs Liposuction: About Liposuction

gastric sleeve vs liposuction Gastric Sleeve vs LiposuctionLiposuction is a procedure that will reshape specific areas of your body by sucking out the excess fat. This can improve the look and proportions of your body which can enhance your self-image.

Even with good health plus a decent amount of physical exercise, some individuals may have disproportionate contours on their body due to localized fatty deposits. This might be due to your family genes instead of a lack of exercise or proper dieting.

Liposuction can treat stubborn fat pockets on many areas of your body. Liposuction can remove fat from the neck, chin, cheeks, arms, hips, waist, thighs, inner knee, calves, ankles, back and the chest. Liposuction can be performed as a stand-alone treatment, or in combination with a plastic surgery procedure like a tummy tuck, a breast reduction, or a face lift.

Basically, the procedure involves putting the patient under general anesthesia, then using a cannula, a vacuum-like tool, to suck out the fat.

You should note that liposuction is not a treatment or a permanent solution for obesity, and isn’t a replacement for good eating habits and regular exercise. If you have stubborn fat and exercise regularly, then you are a good candidate for liposuction.

Gastric Sleeve vs Liposuction – The Comparison


Liposuction is not a permanent weight loss solution. Liposuction will only get rid of the existing fat without addressing the issue that caused that fat deposit to form. Liposuction does not treat the cause of being overweight, it only treats the results. This means that the chances are very high for you to put the weight back on after a few years if you do not make a lifestyle change. Liposuction is a solution to the effects, but if you don’t address the heart of the issue, you will just put back on the weight.

The gastric sleeve hits the problem at its source. Most patients are overweight due to the amount of food they eat. The gastric sleeve is designed to reduce your food intake, which will require a lifestyle change. It gets to the root of the issue, helps you to correct the behavior, helps you to lose weight, and then trains you so you can keep the weight off.
Winner: Gastric Sleeve

Saggy Skin

Liposuction is an extremely fast way to lose weight. In most cases, the liposuction procedure will be completed in just a single day. This does not allow the skin to contract with the weight loss. It is very common to have saggy, flabby or hanging skin following liposuction, which will require a second surgery to remove the excess skin or tighten and stretch it. The gastric sleeve is a much slower weight loss that allows the skin to contract as weight is lost.
Winner: Gastric Sleeve

Second Surgery

Liposuction will typically require a second procedure to remove the excess and saggy skin. The gastric sleeve needs to second procedure as it can be used as a stand-alone treatment.
Winner: Gastric Sleeve


As mentioned above, the liposuction procedure sucks out fat while the gastric sleeve works by limiting the food intake. Liposuction is a quicker path to weight loss, but you may need a second surgery to tighten up your skin.
Winner: Liposuction


The cost for either surgery will vary based on where you have the procedure performed, and the surgeon you choose. Generally, any procedure done in a major urban center, like New York City, or Los Angeles will cost more than a rural area. This is because surgeon’s are in higher demand in cities than they are in rural areas. Also, the experience of a surgeon will increase the fee, the more experienced they are, the more they will charge.

The average cost for liposuction can range from $2,000 to $15,000
The average cost for gastric sleeve surgery can range from $10,000 to $20,000
Winner: Liposuction

Gastric Sleeve vs Liposuction – The Summary

From the comparison here, you can see that the two procedures are very different. The gastric sleeve will address the root issue causing the excess weight and then helps you lose it, while liposuction only removes the fat. Liposuction may not be a permanent solution while gastric sleeve surgery is. The gastric sleeve will not result in saggy skin as it is a gradual weight loss, while liposuction will. Liposuction will give you immediate weight loss results while the gastric sleeve will take at least 6 months to a year. And finally, liposuction will cost less than the gastric sleeve.

If you are fighting obesity, then the quick fix with liposuction may not be the best solution for you. If you are simply a bit overweight, but eat healthy and exercise, then the gastric sleeve may not be what you need. If you are considering bariatric surgery, it would be best to consult your doctor to get all the facts, then you yourself can make the comparison of Gastric Sleeve vs Liposuction.