Gastric Bypass Surgery in Mexico

The cost of the gastric bypass procedure or even a mini gastric bypass can be quite high, but you can cut the cost in half by getting gastric bypass surgery in Mexico.

In the U.S., the cost for a gastric bypass can range between $20,000 and $45,000 while a mini gastric bypass cost you roughly $19,000.

By comparison, the cost for gastric bypass surgery in Mexico will range from $8,000 to $15,000, which is more than 50% less than the cost of the exact same bariatric procedure completed by surgeons in your home town in the United States.

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Why Does Gastric Bypass Surgery In Mexico Cost So Much Less?

Gastric Bypass Surgery in Mexico Gastric Bypass Surgery in MexicoOf course, everyone wants to know why gastric bypass surgery in Mexico is that much cheaper than it is in the U.S. Well it is definitely not because there is a loss in the quality of care. Bariatric centers in Mexico can provide you with the same level of care you would expect in the U.S., if not better.

The reason that gastric bypass surgery in Mexico is so much lower is due to the lower operating expenses. The cost to operate a bariatric facility, or any medical facility, is a fraction of the cost in Mexico. Hence, facilities in Mexico are able to provide identical surgeries as their U.S. counterparts, with the same level of care without the need to charge the same high fees.

Additionally, the accredited hospitals and facilities in Mexico don’t try to offset those high, malpractice insurance rates like we have in the U.S. with high gastric bypass surgery costs. When we remove the high operating costs and the malpractice costs from the entire equation, you can see why the cost for gastric bypass surgery in Mexico is so much cheaper.

What is the Cost of Gastric Bypass Surgery in Mexico?

On average, a gastric bypass surgery in Mexico costs approximately $11,500. The mini gastric bypass surgery in Mexico averages at around $9,500.

Which Bypass Surgery Option Is The Best One For Me?

Figuring out which type of gastric bypass surgery in Mexico you should choose will depend on your BMI, Body Mass Index. It will also depend on your personal preferences, as well as the average cost for mini gastric bypass or gastric bypass surgery in Mexico. Let’s briefly review these two options so you will have an idea of what to expect.

Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery
Mini gastric bypass surgery works almost like a standard gastric bypass, and is considered to be a minimally invasive surgery. The stomach will be separated into two parts, but instead of creating a small top pouch, the stomach is formed into a tube shape. The new stomach is close to the end of your small intestine. Mini gastric bypass surgery in Mexico takes about 30 minutes to complete the entire procedure, which is another great feature aside from the reduced cost.

Gastric Bypass Surgery
Gastric bypass surgery in Mexico, also called a Roux-en-Y procedure, involves separating the patient’s stomach into two parts, a small pouch on top, and a larger pouch on the bottom. The small pouch is connected near the end of your small intestine, thus limiting your calorie intake.

How Effective Is A Gastric Bypass?

With the standard gastric bypass you can expect to lose 60% to 80% of your excess body weight. Results of a mini gastric bypass surgery in Mexico are comparable to the standard bypass, patients can lose as much as 65% of the excess weight.

What Health Benefits Can A Gastric Bypass Provide?

By getting a gastric bypass or mini gastric bypass surgery in Mexico, you can significantly reduce the risk of weight related health conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and type II diabetes. In some cases, surgery can eliminate the symptoms altogether.

Is Gastric Bypass Surgery The Right Choice For Me?

A mini gastric bypass could be your best choice if your BMI is 35 or more, which is roughly 100 pounds overweight. If you have a BMI that is higher than 40, then a gastric bypass surgery may a better alternative.

Is Gastric Bypass Surgery in Mexico Safe?

Absolutely. Gastric bypass surgery in Mexico is completely safe. You won’t be put any unnecessary risks. You will not be sacrificing any quality of care by getting gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico. Most of the major facilities are internationally recognized as excellent facilities, so there is no need to worry about the treatment you’ll receive. Bariatric surgeons are just as experienced as U.S. surgeons, and many even have more experience and expertise due to the large number of surgeries performed in Mexico every year. The only real difference between gastric bypass surgery in Mexico and the United States is the cost.

Is Bariatric Surgery A Cure For Diabetes?

Unfortunately, bariatric surgery does not cure diabetes, but it can significantly eliminate the symptoms. More than 80% of bariatric patients that have type II diabetes go into remission about a month after surgery, and the need for insulin injections is drastically reduced.

What Are Some Advantages Of Gastric Bypass Surgery?

If you choose to get gastric bypass surgery in Mexico, the U.S., or any country, some of the advantages you can look forward to are:

  • Minimally invasive surgical procedure in most cases
  • Fast recovery time when compared to Roux-en-Y Bypass
  • Initial weight loss is rapid
  • Slightly greater total weight loss on average compared to restrictive procedures

A gastric bypass is one alternative you should look into when considering bariatric surgery. The gastric sleeve is a great choice, and the gastric balloon and gastric band are good options as well, but everyone is different. The best advice would be to speak with your doctor, find out more about the various options and the cost for each. If you decide on the gastric sleeve and want to cut the cost in half, then you should look into getting your gastric bypass surgery in Mexico.