Gastric Sleeve In Mexico

As the cost of the gastric sleeve can be rather high, many Americans have opted to take a trip down south to get a Gastric Sleeve In Mexico.

Just south of the U.S. border, you can get a gastric sleeve in Mexico, and potentially save yourself 50% to 60% of the cost in most cases.

This huge amount of savings you can find by getting a gastric sleeve in Mexico can make all the difference for some who simply cannot afford to pay $10,000 out of their own pocket.

Money should not stop you from becoming healthy, nor should it stop you from living a longer and happier life.

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The Gastric Sleeve In Mexico

The quality of the health care will not be sacrificed for a lower cost should you choose to get a gastric sleeve in Mexico, you’ll still get the same level of care, you’ll just pay much less by opting to get your gastric sleeve in Mexico. By simply travelling south of the border, you can get a gastric bypass or a gastric sleeve in Mexico for just a fraction of a cost!

Aside from Mexico, Costa Rica is also the choice for North Americans, but most choose to get their gastric sleeve in Mexico since it is much closer. Not only does this country offer a low cost and high quality treatment, but it also offers a lot of great tourist attractions, and has a lot of direct flights from major cities in the United States.

India has also started to attract a lot of patients from North America who want to undergo the gastric sleeve procedure. The reason behind this is the low cost of the medical procedure and the high quality of the medical care you’ll receive from qualified professionals and the accredited hospitals. This is also very convenient for many UK residents since there are cheap and direct flights with short travel period to India.

The following prices are averaged, based on the top leading hospitals of different countries (in USD):

  • United States $10,000
  • Costa Rica $9,500
  • India $6,600

The Average Cost To Get A Gastric Sleeve In Mexico Is Only $4,500!


Is It Safe To Get A Gastric Sleeve In Mexico?

gastric sleeve in Mexico Gastric Sleeve In MexicoThis question is most frequently asked question, and is also the most important question that patients have about getting a gastric sleeve in Mexico.

The answer is YES, it is completely safe to get a gastric sleeve in Mexico. The surgeons in Mexico are skilled and equipped just like those in the U.S, and in some cases, even better.

Bariatric centers are equipped with the latest technology, and bariatric surgeons are well trained in Mexico, performing over a hundred gastric surgeries in a single month for U.S. patients with a 90% success rate.

Plus you can save at least $1,500 on the procedure, and save as much as $5,000, which can make the trip to get your gastric sleeve in Mexico more than worth it.

What are the Advantages of the Gastric Sleeve Procedure?

  • The procedure does not involve the cutting and connecting of the intestines.
  • This surgery is much simpler and less invasive compared to the gastric bypass.
  • This procedure is much safer even for those patients who have a high BMI of 60 and above.
  • No fills or adjustments are required afterwards.
  • Unlike bypass patients who experience some negative digestive side effects, the sleeve has none because the digestive system is not altered.
  • This procedure is mostly preferred by patients who are hesitant to have a device implanted inside their body.

Is surgery in Mexico different from surgery in the United States?

The answer would be: not really. Having a surgery in a different country always has its differences, but those tend to be minor differences. The actual surgery to get a gastric sleeve in Mexico will still be the same as the one that will be performed in your home town. Surgeons handling your case will also have comparable credibility and experience as that of your surgeon in your home town.

It is a good idea to be well informed about the surgery when you are planning to get your Gastric Sleeve In Mexico. With more than 1,200 bariatric surgeries being done on an annual basis in Mexico, you can anticipate a very experienced surgeon and staff to do the procedure in the accredited center with utmost care.

What’s Included In The Package Costs for Surgeries in Mexico?

A major point to consider when looking at getting your gastric sleeve in Mexico is that many centers offer packages that include all of the required costs. A typical package will include:

  • The entire consultation with the bariatric surgeon
  • Pre-operation requirements, such as X-rays and laboratory tests, etc.
  • The entire surgical fee
  • Anesthesia fees
  • Hospital accommodations
  • All antibiotics and medications that will be prescribed
  • Accommodation at the recovery house
  • Transportation, to and from the airport and the hospital
  • All meals at the recovery house

You should also note that some bariatric centers also include your airfare to and from Mexico!

What Should I Do If I Want To Get A Gastric Sleeve In Mexico?

The first step to take prior to getting your gastric sleeve in Mexico is to first gather the facts regarding tourist travel to Mexico for a weight loss surgery. Listed are just some of the things you should look into before you venture south to get your gastric sleeve in Mexico:

  • Find out everything about gastric sleeve before deciding to have it done. Most importantly, note the risks and any possible complications.
  • Check out a few different hospitals in Mexico before settling on one. Find out if they are accredited, and what type of facilities and equipment they have.
  • Check the surgeons’ qualification and experience.
  • Read some of the reviews of patients who got their gastric sleeve in Mexico.
  • Keep your local doctor updated on your decision to undergo a surgery in Mexico. You may need his support after the surgery.

Weight loss surgeries are one of the best options that can help you lose that unwanted weight. A gastric sleeve can be the first step towards a healthier, happier life. If you cannot afford to have the procedure done in the U.S., then a very good alternative would be to get a gastric sleeve in Mexico.