Free Weight Loss Surgery


Finding options for free weight loss surgery is tough these days, but it is a possibility. Given that there is a huge positive impact of the health condition through a bariatric procedure, free weight loss surgery or a discounted cost of bariatric procedure can now be found though various channels.

You may think that free weight loss surgery is impossible, but there are various options that are available to can drastically reduce the cost of  surgery, or even eliminate the cost altogether.

On this page you will find more information about your options for free weight loss surgery. You will also find some basic information on how to obtain funding to cover your bariatric procedure.

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Where To Find Free Weight Loss Surgery

You can find discount rates or free weight loss surgery through these channels:

  • Grants
  • Charity Care
  • Petition for Government Assistance
  • Bariatric Surgery Insurance

Free Weight Loss Surgery – Grants

Free weight loss surgery in the form of grants can aid to those individuals who are not able to afford the cost of the surgery by paying the entire procedure or part of the surgery cost. At present, the only available grant is exclusively for the weight loss surgery that offered by the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America (WLSFA).

The WLSFA does some fund raising activities to provide grants to qualified individuals so that they may undergo a free weight loss surgery or weight loss reconstructive plastic surgery. Those qualified individuals will, however, be obliged to do their share by donating a portion of their time and resources to the WLSFA.

To be a qualified candidate of WLSFA and receive free weight loss surgery, you must be able to meet these three requirements:

  • You must first be approved for the weight loss or the reconstructive surgery.
  • You have to prove that you do not own an insurance that will does not cover the cost of the procedure, or have been denied of coverage for surgery by any insurance provider.
  • You must be agreeable to take part in the grant procedure by helping to raise 10% of the funds that will be paid on the procedure.

Free Weight Loss Surgery – Charity Care

free weight loss surgery 300x272 Free Weight Loss SurgeryIf you qualify for the federal poverty level plus you do not own insurance, then you may be qualified for free weight loss surgery through charity assistance from the hospital in your area. Some hospitals for instance offer free health care to those people whose household income is three times lesser than the federal poverty level. Needless to say, in meeting the income requirements, the hospital charity will require that the surgery is medically needed.

To be able to determine if you are qualified for this free weight loss surgery or not, you will be required to fill out a financial form which includes your proof of income and other personal information. Furthermore, the hospital will also require that the referring doctor should be an immediate hospital staff.

If your financial application for charity care should be denied, don’t lose hope easily. There are other hospitals that may accommodate you, based on the data that you have given you may be able to find a reduced cost.

Free Weight Loss Surgery – Government Assistance

At the moment, there are no existing government programs that offer assistance or offer free weight loss surgery, but there is an online petition that has been already started. To know more on this you may click here.

Bariatric Surgery Insurance

Insurance is not free weight loss surgery since you pay a monthly premium, but if you qualify you can be covered for some or all of the cost. If you own a health insurance, you should find out if bariatric surgery cost is covered, and if so, what are the requirements. In the case that you do not have the coverage, there is still a possibility that the procedure can be added on to your plan, but this will increase your premium significantly. If you have health insurance, the best advice is to contact your insurance provider.

Other Ways to make Bariatric Surgery Affordable

If you are not qualified for a grant, to receive the free weight loss surgery through charity care, and you don’t have any insurance, then here are several options wherein the cost of the procedure may be reduced thus making it affordable.

  • Easy payment plan with your surgeon
  • Seek the support of friends and family
  • Secure a loan
  • Retirement loan
  • Life insurance loan
  • Credit card
  • Medical travel
  • Deducting the cost of the surgery from your taxes

Payment plans offered by clinics will break up the cost into smaller, more manageable payments. Family and friends can also help you out with the cost. Securing a loan, and credit cards are another option, but both will require that you pay interest on the loan. You can obtain funds through a retirement loan, or you can withdraw funds from a life insurance to cover the cost. Medical travel is another popular option, many countries such as Mexico can offer rates that are 50% less than the cost in the U.S. Deducting the surgical costs from your taxes is also an option, but you should speak with an accountant to get more details.

Choosing bariatric surgery can be a life changing decision. There are many benefits, including improved health, less risk of developing obesity related illnesses, and the improvement of your quality of life. Paying for bariatric surgery should not stop you from living a healthy and happy life, with some dedication and determination you will be able to find the option that will allow you to drastically reduce the cost, or even get free weight loss surgery.