Gastric Sleeve Surgery Benefits

The Gastric Sleeve Surgery Benefits have been proven to prevail over the risks in most cases. About 75% of all gastric sleeve patients are likely to lose 75% to 80% of their excess body weight.

Almost 80% of the patients who are suffering from elevated blood pressure will show significant improvement, which may lead to stopping their medication, while 90% of the patients who suffers from type II diabetes will also show improvement, which will also lead to a gradual reduction in their medication.

For those who are experiencing arthritis, sleep apnea, easy fatigability and shortness of breath, gastric sleeve surgery will also provide a significant reduction in the symptoms.

The bottom line is the gastric sleeve surgery benefits are huge, and greatly outweigh any risks associated with the procedure.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Benefits

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Benefits Gastric Sleeve Surgery BenefitsHere are just a few of the benefits of Gastric Sleeve Surgery:

  • Health Benefits
  • Fast Recovery, Brief Hospital Stay
  • Cost Savings Over Time
  • A Decrease in the Desire for Sweets
  • Improvement In The Quality of Life
  • Healthier Pregnancy after Bariatric Surgery

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Gastric Sleeve Surgery Benefits

The Gastric Sleeve Sugery Benefits include:

Health Benefits

Studies have shown that patients have lost an average of 55% of their extra weight within the first 12 months following surgery, and lost 80% of the excess weight in 24 months. Most of the obesity related conditions increase your chance of death. Obesity related illnesses have added to the 300,000 mortalities each year, and it when it comes to causes of death, obesity now ranks second with smoking in the #1 spot.

Gastric sleeve surgery reduces your risks for many obesity-related illnesses. In many cases, it will reduce the severity, and in some cases it will eliminate the symptoms entirely.

Fast Recovery, Brief Hospital Stay

A lot of surgeons choose the laparoscopic option of the gastric sleeve over gastric bypass surgery. Laproscopic (modestly invasive) procedures will results on a brief stay in the hospital, rapid recovery, less scars and much less pain when compared with the other open surgical procedures.

Cost Savings Over Time

At present, there had been studies that showed the fees that are connected with the gastric sleeve were recovered within 2 years. One significant reason behind the weight loss procedure is it helps in the improvement or resolution of the present condition related with obesity like the type 2 diabetes and elevated cholesterol, among others.

This reduction in the symptoms means that patients are able to put aside the money that they would usually have to pay for medications, doctors and hospital visits required to manage the illness. In addition, the monthly savings that are associated with the gastric sleeve procedure can reach up to $1,000 as early on the 13th month after the surgery.

Also, the fast recovery period means a shorter hospital stay, which can further reduce the overall cost of the procedure, making it far more affordable than other forms of bariatric surgery.

A Decrease in the Desire for Food & Sweets

Clinical studies have shown that 50% of the patients who have undergone the sleeve gastrectomy surgery have lost their desire for sweets after a year. In rare cases, 23% of the patients had lost their desire for sweet cravings after 3 years. Moreover, the area of the stomach that produces Ghrelin is removed. The hormone Ghrelin is the hunger regulating hormone , and since the gastric sleeve procedure removes the area that produces Ghrelin, your hunger is significantly reduced.

Improvement In The Quality of Life

Based on clinical studies, gastric sleeve patients have verbalized an improved quality of life. They were able to:

  • Perform physical activities and movements they were unable to before
  • Perform recreational activities they were unable to before
  • Experience a boost in self esteem
  • Become more confidence about themselves

Many patients will attest that the quality of life after gastric sleeve surgery is a huge improvement, and are very happy with their new found health, their new weight, and their new healthier, more active lifestyle.

Healthier Pregnancy after Bariatric Surgery

Many studies have shown that overweight or obese women are at a higher risk for complications when conceiving and delivering a baby. The rates of the gestational diabetes and high blood pressure are mostly low amongst the post bariatric patients when compared to those expectant mothers who had never been obese. Additionally, women who have undergone the gastric sleeve procedure gain less weight while pregnant.

Improvement in one’s health and the quality of life are the most significant benefits. Of course these benefits may differ from person to person, but regardless, there is an improvement in health. Considering a gastric sleeve is a step in the right direction. Click here to read more About Gastric Sleeve Surgery, or talk to your doctor about the Gastric Sleeve Surgery Benefits.