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The gastric sleeve cost of surgery varies greatly because of the many factors such as location, litigation, surgeons experience, clinic, specialization, and traveling expenses such as hotels, all are cost factors in gastric sleeve procedures. Gastric sleeve surgery is a procedure that requires several hours under general anesthesia and  a fully trained professional team. This team is made up of professionals trained in one specialized field of work like anesthesia for example.

Gastric sleeve surgery is a complicated procedure which requires removing an  amount of the body’s stomach tissue . This procedure is performed through a surgical incision incision and  past abdominal muscle which creates and other factor such as the abdominal muscle has to be sown together after the procedure. The sleeve surgery is completely irreversible even through the method of eating, surgery, procedures, traveling, stretching, or implementation, so you must ensure you fully understand the permanency before paying the gastric sleeve cost. To say the least once a person of morbidly obese status undergoes this procedure it will linger with him or her for the rest of his life and this is a factor to consider.

This procedure has never failed to remove all of a person’s excessive weight problem because of the restrictive nature of operation. The gastric sleeve cost varies on many factors like anything. The more experience that the surgeon affects the cost in either way. The more experience sometimes makes the surgeon faster at the operation and lowers the cost because the surgeon is running more patients. If it operates the other way then the extra experience and decreased chance of complication can increase the gastric sleeve cost, but generally not by much.

Things That Affect Gastric Sleeve Cost

  • The Surgeon – experience and education
  • The Facility – equipment, specialized centers
  • The Location – U.S. based, or outside of the U.S.
  • Health Coverage & Insurance

Gastric Sleeve Cost – The Surgeon

Gastric sleeve surgeons are particular to any other surgeons because of the abnormal background of any surgeon. The surgeon generally operates in the weight loss industry / dieting counsel and then goes to med school where he specializes in only Bariatric which deal with weight loss surgery. There he will become a weight loss surgery surgeon which decreases the gastric sleeve cost of surgery because he handles sometimes as many as five different Bariatric surgeries.

Gastric sleeve cost however is sometime raised by the fact some surgeon only specialize in that procedure alone. To a surgeon the price is based on a lot of factors such as complication risk, incision size, surgical intensity, and risk of general anesthesia problems. A surgeon that takes someone’s case will cut away about 70% of the stomach leaving between 30%-15% of it original size to handle the intake of food is rather intensive.

The gastric sleeve cost is based on the operation time, amount of stomach removed, staff present, and the type of clinic. In a regular clinic the gastric sleeve cost will rise substantially because it is not a specialty weight loss clinic. A gastric sleeve surgeon must cut into the person and remove most of the persons stomach and then staple a persons stomach into a sock type shape or “SLEEVE” and then sow the stomach muscle back together. This operation is the only one of its kind in the Bariatric/ weight loss world and is the most intensive/irreversible which makes gastric sleeve cost slightly higher than some other less invasive forms of bariatric surgery.

Gastric Sleeve Cost – The Facility

Gastric Sleeve Cost Gastric Sleeve Cost | Gastric Sleeve

The clinics to which this surgery is performed is often times specialty clinics in Mexico which deal with only weight loss surgeries. This brings the overall gastric sleeve cost down substantially because the clinic is geared for this type of work. The gastric sleeve cost is oftentimes less on you because these clinics can run several patients a day through these clinics which decreases your price for the surgical theater.

Gastric sleeve cost is most often time based on travel. Mexico is the leading travel destination for weight loss surgery because it has many specialty clinics and the surgeons that graduate from Europe, Brazil, Australia, and so on set up practice there. Gastric sleeve cost can be higher when it is done here in the United States because of the nature of our litigation system. With the extensive insurance and litigation it is very costly here in the United States because of law reasons.

Gastric Sleeve Cost – The Location

Hotels and travel play a role in the gastric sleeve cost but when you deal with a different currency the price of the hotel for the week that you will stay for the surgery is dramatically less than anything that we experience in the United States. The gastric sleeve cost of surgery compared to the price of your health is minor cost to pay in terms of gain. You will lose the weight and look great, and regain a degree of health that you never could have imagined.

Gastric sleeve with a very good surgeon, specialty clinic located in Mexico, with a full theater , one week stay and everything included will run around $5,000 – $7,000 thousand dollars and you will be home with inevitable weight loss. Gastric sleeve is the key to a new you, and the financial burden to maintain your health will on average be much lower after you gotten the surgery, and paid the gastric sleeve cost.