Gastric Sleeve Surgery Financing

Today there is gastric sleeve surgery financing being offered by a lot of clinics as well as financing companies.

Since the majority of the cosmetic surgery procedures won’t be covered by most health providers or insurers, the option for surgery financing is oftentimes the most convenient means by which some patients can manage to pay for this costly type of procedure.

Gastric sleeve surgery is lower when compared to other forms of bariatric surgery, but it can cost from $10,000 to $20,000. The sheer cost alone can prevent some people from benefiting from the gastric sleeve, but there are gastric sleeve surgery financing options.

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Gastric Sleeve Surgery Financing: Alternatives

There are a lot of gastric sleeve surgery financing alternatives available, from easy installment plans that are arranged through your doctor’s in-house financing plans, to credit that is acquired through other finance companies that have teamed up with your bariatric surgeon. Some of the more common gastric sleeve surgery financing options are: Payment Plans, Medical Loans, paying by Credit Card, borrowing from Family or Friends, and you can also consider Medical Travel.

gastric sleeve surgery financing Gastric Sleeve Surgery FinancingBariatric Surgery financing is readily available, no matter what type of procedure is being carried out, and that includes gastric sleeve surgery financing. The monthly fees can vary depending on the entire cost of the treatment, the time required to settle the loan, and of course, your credit standing.

If your surgeon doesn’t offer any gastric sleeve surgery financing options, then you may get in touch directly with many medical finance companies. These types of companies will be able to provide you with a list of doctors who are connected with their association and who offer gastric sleeve surgery financing plans.

Take note that the list does not support or suggests each of the surgeon’s qualifications. It is your task to carefully make some inquiries on the expertise of each surgeon without the aid of the financing institution. A number of companies that offer gastric sleeve surgery financing may work only with select surgeons or clinics, though there are some finance companies that will allow you to have the surgeon of your choice.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Financing: Average Cost

When looking into gastric sleeve surgery financing, you must know what will be included in the cost.  The average cost of gastric sleeve surgery in the United States ranges from $10,000 to $20,000. This figure on average will include the following:

  • Anesthesia fee
  • Facility cost
  • Surgeon’s professional fee
  • Pre op lab and x-ray charge
  • Follow up doctor appointments

These costs are standard for gastric sleeve surgery, but it is important that you discuss this, as well as gastric sleeve surgery financing options with your surgeon. Find out exactly what is included in the price so that there are no surprises or unexpected expenses down the road. After surgery you should also be prepared to cover the cost for any medication that is required, as well as vitamins and nutritional supplements you may need.  All of this may play a role in the total amount you need to obtain through gastric sleeve surgery financing plans.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Financing: Cost Factors



You might notice that the more experienced, trained and skilled the surgeon is, the more expensive their professional fees are. Your care under these types of surgeons will increase your chance of success, and can also ensure a higher quality of care and a reduced risk of having any sort of complications.


Surgeries being done in the hospitals will be more expensive compared to a clinic that can offer in-house facilities. Nevertheless, the location will not affect the impact on the quality of care whether the procedure is completed in the hospital or in an office based facility. Bariatric surgeries done on the West Coast and in the Northeast will generally cost you more, but in the Southern and Central states the cost can be less because the number of weight loss surgeries performed in those states are lower. This means the surgeons are not as high in demand, and therefore charge a lower rate.

Traveling outside of the U.S. can also mean a lower cost without affecting the quality of care. Some countries, such as Mexico, can offer you a cost that is up to 50% less than in the U.S. If money is an issue, then medical travel is definitely an option you should consider.

One option would be to try to secure gastric sleeve surgery financing before you select a bariatric surgeon.  This way, you know how much you have to work with before committing to any particular surgeon.  It is better to ensure your gastric sleeve surgery financing will be sufficient to cover all costs ahead of time, and avoid paying for costs out of your own pocket down the road.

Paying for bariatric surgery should not stop you from getting it. Gastric sleeve surgery has many benefits, both health benefits and mental benefits, which will let you lead a healthier, happier life. Look for ways to minimize the cost, break the entire cost into smaller, more manageable payments. There are plenty of alternatives you can investigate, you just need to take some time to find the right option for your gastric sleeve surgery financing.